Advertising With Promotional Pens


How many times have you found yourself walking off with a pen from a store or an office? If you are like us you have probably done it many times. That is someone’s advertising trick to get you to carry a promotional ad for their company and to use it in front of other potential customers. This is a very powerful strategy that you can begin to use for your business.

Here are some other reasons why Promotional pens can be a great source for company marketing.

  1. People are lazy. Find a catchy way to display your idea or product on the bic pen and you could easily gain customers just for the simple fact that people don’t like to have to look for things. With what they are looking for right in their hands it becomes convenient and easy.

  2. Many potential customers will see the pen. People borrow pens from each other all the time. Sometimes the only way to remember who gave it to you is by what is on the pen. Cha ching, brand recognition.

  3. People love free things. Most people like cool things to take with them when they leave somewhere. A promotional pen is something that is usable and cheap for the company to give away. Make the pen have a cool message or fun look and you have a little gift for all. Plus you have some cheap advertising. offers all sorts of Bic pens for any occasion. Please browse our site to find the perfect promotional product for your advertising needs.

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