Key Supplier Catalogs Are Being Added To Our Sites


Several of our key suppliers such as BIC, HIT, ALEXANDER, GOLD BOND, SHARPIE, PAPERMATE, PARKER, PENTEL AND UNIBALL. It is almost impossible for us to put all products available on our site and this makes it where you can see every possible item there is to buy with these factory supplier catalogs. All you have […]

How To Choose A Promotional Pen


We have been selling promotional pens for over 38 years and things have changed a whole lot since we started. Now you can design and buy your pens all online in the comfort of your office. What typically happens is you place your order online and then within 18 to 24 hours we will provide […]

It Is Time To Be Thinking About Holiday Gifts

Every year at this time we are always trying to come up with nice items to sell to our customers that they give away for holiday gift giving. Most advertising companies usually do a good business at this time. We have sold everything from jackets to lights in the shape of ducks to embroidered blankets. […]

It Is Simple, Just Do What You Said You Would Do

We probably field over 300 calls per day and with out a doubt our number one compliment is customers tell us we do what we say we are going to do. We follow through on things we promised we said we would do. We deliver on time because we told our customer we would. This […]

Promotional Products Helps To Bring Business To You


You know when i started selling promotional products back in 1981 i was not sold on it at all. I was thinking how can a customer benifit from imprinted pens or some combs with your logo on them. To this day it never stops to amaze me what they can come up with to put […]

Personalized Pens Custom Printed With Your Logo provides many types of personalized pens, highlighters and custom printed markers. Choose from Bic, Uniball, Papermate, Pilot, Sharpie, Pentel and Zebra Pens for your next pen purchase. There is no better, more cost effective, advertising product that can be seen by more people than a logo personalized pen. It is like a moveable little […]