How Healthcare Professionals Are Using Promo Pens

As a nurse who is always on the go, there’s no room for errors and inadequacy. We carry around a lot of things in our pockets and some are even hanging around our necks. We do not have the luxury of time to get things somewhere else, especially if there is an emergency. I have seen some colleagues of mine bringing different kinds of pens that will not either work when accidentally dropped once or worse, when it is newly bought. When emergency strikes, it is such a drag to scrummage for another writing material. It is such a waste of time.

One day, it was my rest day and I was able to think of browsing through some internet sites. In one corner, I was able to see an ad from that featured different promotional pens and their brands good for various purposes. There were over dozens of different models available. It is so convenient that they show pictures of the actual product. I managed to search for feedbacks over the Internet and all of them were all positive recommendations. So I decided to give the Option4 Ball Pen from Papermate a try. I chose this brand because it was widely popular to anybody who has seen a writing material. I also chose this specific model because this kind of logo pen has four different inks in one casing. It is so convenient and suitable for a nurse like me. I do not have to bring a lot of these since the different inks that I need are already in one stylus! Since they are advertising it, it must be good. I decided to give it a go and purchase it.

As soon as I received my package, I cannot help but test it out. It writes so smoothly and well! On the package, it says that this promo pen gives the user an easy access to four options of inks namely purple, red, blue and black. That is quite true because in just one swift motion, your preferred choice of color is ready for writing. The colors are also very easy to determine because the mechanism matches the ink. With these colors, the user will be able to edit by color-coding or even decorating his notes.

When I brought this to the hospital where I was working, I could not help but hope I could write something already. Then, that time of day came where I have to deal with patients’ charts and records. That means a lot of writing, recording and charting. The experience was such a smooth flow! I did not experience any troubles since the inks were adequate in writing and there was no leaking. While I was scribbling, I did not have any words cut off due to a lack of ink flowing through the ball point tip. As simple as these may sound, it has made my work effortless with the help of a good material that I can depend on. has helped me in a major way. Others may think that it is just a simple material. But in my nature of work, it is critical to have all my equipment working flawlessly. Did you know that I was even complimented about my work being neat and well-written? I owe it all to this handy and reliable tool! It actually makes a difference and it has caught the attention of my colleagues and doctors. My work has never been so clean, even when I was in a rush to write them down. In my field of work, it is important for a document to be read by every professional who gets to hold the charts and records. This is one way of communicating in the hospital with regards to caring for the patient, carrying out doctors’ orders, reading the instructions for implementing care plans, carrying out medications and a whole lot more of relevant tasks. has saved me all the troubles of searching for the right tool elsewhere. I am glad I found it in one of the most convenient places there is. Writing will never be the same again.

Not to mention, I was able to give a lot of employees in the hospital their own pens. I ordered 200 pens and had it printed with my name. I was not shy to give it away. After all, it was a souvenir that I wanted my colleagues to have. I moved to another hospital not so long ago. And up to this day, I still use some of the pens that I bought. More importantly, my previous co-workers would not forget me especially when they begin charting and use the pens I gave them.

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