Pens Perform Well In A Pandemic

I use to always say that custom pens perform well in any market . Every recession or inflationary time and now a Pandemic they continue to out perform. We just got our numbers in from last year and it was amazing and with what many companies have gone through, this is an unreal result. And now there is so many type promotional pens.We have pens with sanitizer spray on one end and we have a screwdriver pen and one of my favorite is the 6 in 1 tools pen. But with all the cool pens my favorite and one of the top sellers is the personalized BIC Clic pen. I have BIC Clic pens that are 10 years old that writes as good as the day we bought them. I think that is why Custom printed BIC pens are used in restaurants so many times! So whatever pen you use for advertising, they should advertise for many years!

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