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A great promotional tool is one that offers function and exposure all in one package. If you're looking for something to help promote your business or company, why not consider using promotional ballpoint pens? Ballpoint pens are probably the most popular and widely-used writing instruments in the world today. In fact, majority of people who write are likely to pick up a ballpoint pen. From inexpensive, mass-produced disposable units to executive pens with refillable ink sticks, there's a ballpoint pen for every purpose. Promotional ballpoint pens make great gifts because they are practical. Someone somewhere will have to write down something -- a letter, a memo, the grocery list, a weekly plan -- or sign something, such as a check, a contract or an application form. There is an endless list of things that your promotional ballpoint pens can help their recipient with. Better yet, these pens help build buzz about your business. Imprinted with your company name and logo, there is instant visibility and name recall.

The wonderful thing about promotional pens is that they offer a subtle means to promote your business. Unlike large, bulky and loud advertisement tools, pens are handy, lightweight and passive forms of advertising. And yet, you still get excellent exposure through them. Logo pens are like badges or business cards you flash at prospective clients and business partners; the difference is that unlike business cards, promotional business pens will always be out in the open where they will serve as a visual reminder of your business. Better yet, they will continue giving you the exposure you want for as long as they are being used.

When it comes to promotional ballpoint pens, there are various styles and designs to choose from. At, we offer many choices for you to advertise your business with. We have one of the largest selections of customized pens online. Simply browse the different categories and take your pick. Choose from different leading brands of ballpoint pens, highlighters, executive pens and mechanical pencils. We have enough choices to help you pick the perfect corporate giveaway or promotional souvenir for any occasion, event or target market.

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