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Posted: February 23, 2012 - ThePenGuy.com

You've seen it before: many pharmaceutical companies will issue a promo pen with their logo, the name of their most famous brand, and even a short testimonial. As a pharmacist at a local pharmacy, I know that Christmas is coming around when lots of these pens come into the store, and when we have to give them away. I've observed that such promotion really can encourage people to buy from a particular company. But I also thought: why don't I promote the pharmacy itself?

Good medicine buying habits are difficult to come by when doctors issue a lot of prescriptions and when nearly all our aches and pains have corresponding medications. I thought that I could promote buying generic drugs, or consulting with a doctor, and not self medicating. So I decided to design promotional pens that promoted not only our local pharmacy, but these healthy habits as well.

I also handed out these promo pens to our customers. No matter what medicine they bought, they got a promotional pen. It wasn't hard to give pens away at all. Many of our customers liked getting something useful, and it was a pen – they used pens every single day!

My promotional pens caught the eye of even our pharmaceutical companies! They noticed that if we helped people more and gave good advice, then we actually got people to pay us more attention than if we had just showed them a lot of brands. Promotional pens weren't initially our way to go, but we found that a lot of people were using pens and then unconsciously spreading the word about us. Soon, we had people at our pharmacy, buying medicines, and asking us questions.

Promotion isn't supposed to be a big headache. You can get more promotional pens if you walk over to www.thepenguy.com. You can get lots of pens with different colors and designs that you can customize for your company's needs.

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