Get insight how florists used promo pens to market her business

Promo Pens for Florists - Experience Stories

Posted: March 23, 2012 -
Get insight on how a florist used promo pens to market her busin

Flowers are everywhere these days where they can brighten up a place, or remind us of people long gone. As a florist, I make it a point to make the best designs depending on the occasion. I make sure that I have the most beautiful flowers, the freshest ones, and the most attractive. What I find difficult, though, is promotion. A lot of people don't know where I am, but they know that they'll need me, whether they're out on a date or planning their wedding.

A lot of people also don't know the extent of what I do. I've had experience in smaller bouquets that you can buy from my shop, and big arrangements that are suited to weddings, funerals, or parties. I decided that I needed to promote all of my services, and I chose to design a promo pen.

Every time a customer came to my shop for something, they had a specific promo pen free with their purchase. For example, if they got a bouquet for a date, then they had a free promo pen with a love quote. If they got a full wedding package, then they got at least a dozen promotional pens for the entire entourage, and the pens were decorated with lace-like designs, as well as lovely wedding quotes. If they bought flowers for a funeral, then they got promotional pens with short poems on the people we love, and moving on.

Promotional pens gave me an endless supply of giveaways because people love free, useful things. No one will ever not need a pen! I had a lot more customers, too, because the pens I gave away also showed off my business.

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