How Computer Programmers Can Use Promo Pens for their Business

How Computer Programmers Can Use Promo Pens for their Business - Experience Stories

Posted: May 29, 2012 -
How Computer Programmers Can Use Promo Pens for their Business

Let me share this story of one of our customers:

As a computer programmer, I am tasked with a lot of things. It's not always fun and video game design. I sometimes have to build software from scratch so that my clients can do a wide variety of things, from accounting to writing their documents in a specific format. I have to stare at the computer screen, pound away at the keyboard, and really use a lot of brain cells. The job is hard but a lot of people need my help.

There are a lot of computer programmers, and I belong to a firm that wants to be a cut above the rest. I decided that to set ourselves apart, we needed to do something that many people often failed to do. We needed to not just promote ourselves, but show our clients that we care. We know how hard it is to deal with computers that aren't working, and sometimes, with computer programmers who talk over our clients' heads.

So I proposed that we make a promo pen. Promotional pens are easy to make, and in our case, we made a pen that had our website, our promise to help our clients, and common keyboard shortcuts that our clients could use. CTRL + C, for example, copies a selection; CTRL + V pastes that selection. We wanted our clients to have an easy time with their computer so that when the time came for them to ask for our help, they would remember how we made things easier for them.

The pens were a hit! The promotion effort was a success, because more people asked for the pens, and we got even more clients!

If you want to have your own special pen, then log on to You can find your own unique designs that speak to your mission and vision for your clients.

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