Journalist Promtes Himself Using Logo Pens - 5/13/2012

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Posted: May 13, 2012 -
Journalist Promtes Himself Using Logo Pens

I'm a journalist, and it takes a lot of guts to even get out of bed every morning. Journalism is not a fun job, but the payment is in the fulfillment. I get to interview a lot of people, talk to a lot of experts, and get a lot of information. I get to sit down every day and write about the things I've learned. It's a great job to have, and because I work freelance, I get so much more control over my time and how I use it.

These days, however, a lot of people do go freelance, and it's so much harder to get a job. There are many more of us competing to get a story out, and to get that precious paycheck. I decided one day that I needed more than a glitzy resume to see me to my next job. I needed to promote myself.

I decided to make promotional pens for myself. I knew that a pen would immediately call to mind that I'm a writer at heart. So I put my name, contact number, and a testimonial from a previous client. I knew that by simply saying that I worked for big newspapers, more people would hire me.

The promotional pens worked! I found that many editors needed to know who my previous clients were, and sometimes, the promo pen was the easiest way to tell them. I also found that the promo pens were hits for smaller newspapers, who still used pens and who wanted journalists to be on beats that their staff couldn't handle. It was a good undertaking, and I've found that the pen really is mightier than the resume.

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