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Promotional Pens for Lawyers - Experience Stories

Posted: December 12, 2011 - ThePenGuy.com

Let's face it: no one loves lawyers. We're always painted as the devil's advocates, the bad guys, the ambulance chasers, the people hungry for money. But for the few who taint our name, there are lots of us who do good work, and who often go unnoticed. Some of us fight for other people's rights, work pro bono, or even spend our free time doing charity work. I'm a lawyer who works for a law firm where helping people is a must, and where profits come in a far second.

I didn't want to lose my career, and I didn't want people to think that I was simply out for money. So I brought up the idea of promotional pens to my boss. I know, it sounds kooky, but believe it or not, promotion can be classy and professional. I designed a promo pen that we could give to clients. We could ask clients to promote us and endorse us if anyone needed our help. We didn't have to ask them to do it directly; they had a pen to remind them that we would always be there to help. Remembering our name and making sure that everyone else knew who we were followed easily.

It's hard to promote my profession, but as with any profession out there, you simply need to show people you care before they care about you. So I gave away the promotional pens to clients, and so did my fellow lawyers. A small idea went a long way: we started giving away folders, stationery, and other materials. The pens had just opened the door, and our clients kept coming.

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