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Promotional Pens for Dentists - Experience Stories

Posted: December 6, 2011 -

What with the spread of sweets and high sugar snacks, everyone seems to be afraid of the dentists these days. I'm a dentist, and in my line of work, I am no stranger to the many complaints that people have about how their teeth are giving them headaches. I have to constantly remind them not to be afraid to come to the dentist, to keep their smile healthy, and make sure that they don't have anything wrong with their teeth. After all, a lot of mouth diseases can spread to the rest of the body!

It is hard to remind people to keep on visiting me every year, so I decided to make promotional pens. I didn't just make any promo pen to promote my clinic: I designed a promo pen to promote good dental hygiene. All my pens had my name on them, my number (especially my emergency number!), and the approximate month that I wanted my clients to come back for another checkup. This way, every time they pulled out the pen, they were reminded of their schedule! They did keep coming back for appointments, and they asked for more pens!

I also added reminders for good dental health to some of my pens, which were a hit among my younger patients. I told them to brush twice a day, floss, and avoid sweets. Naturally, the kids didn't like being told that too much chocolate was bad for them – but hey, they need to be healthy! It's never too early to start practicing good dental hygiene!

You can also have your share of good promo pens through There, you will find a lot of options of information to put on your pen, colors, and other designs to make your pen a hit. That way, you can promote you and your profession, no matter what your job is.

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