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Promotional Pens for Engineers - Experience Stories

Posted: December 9, 2011 -

As an engineer, I often get a blank stare after I tell people what I do. Often, kids will think that I build trains and repair bridges. As a civil engineer, I know that a lot of people don't know anything about what I do, so that sometimes, they can build anything and fix anything, be it their car or their air-conditioning unit. Sometimes, it's real funny to hear what people say about you. At other times, it can get annoying because I know that there are experts out there who can answer people's questions.

So what did I do? I invested in promotional pens. As a civil engineer, I know that a lot of people need my help to keep their buildings strong and sturdy, and to keep their houses from falling apart. I'm the one who knows the materials best. So instead of using a plain brochure or notepad to promote my work, I decided to create a promo pen that summarizes what I do.

I put in some short info about me: I build and keep people safe. I put my name and mobile number on the pen. And then I sent the pen to my current clients so that they could help my promotion effort. It was a great bid! My promotional pens were a hit because I had clients who were satisfied with my work doing promotion for me! They had their own stories to tell and testimonials to give. My description of my work was just something to remind people who to call if they needed help in making their buildings safe.

So if you need a good pen for promoting yourself, you might want to go to There, you'll find different colored pens, different designs, and a lot of options to help you choose the best pen for your business promotions.

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