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Posted: December 1, 2011 -

As a pilot for a major airline, I fly all over the world, and I get to see a lot of places. I do live out of my suitcase for a greater part of the year. Sometimes, all I see are clouds, a night sky, and a lot of blinking lights and knobs on my dashboard. Being a pilot is hard because a lot of people depend on you, not just to arrive at their destination on time, but to get there safely.

Sadly, a lot of people don't give pilots enough credit. They're there to blame us for plane crashes, but they also forget that every day, we land planes and bring them safely to the tarmac. That takes a lot of work and know-how.

A lot of my fellow pilots feel that they don't get enough credit either. So what I did was to have promotional pens produced for us, with the permission of my airline. Our promo pen had the airline logo, our name, the flight number, the plane model, and a quote on how we worked to keep our passengers safe and sound. It wasn't just a way to promote the airline, but it was a gift to our clients.

The promotional pens were instant hits! My fellow pilots gave them away on long haul flights, especially to children who wanted a few freebies and toys on the plane. I gave them away on my short domestic flights, and encouraged the passengers to play games to keep themselves busy. That way, they forgot about how afraid they were of flying, or how they needed to be at their destination. They got a pen, too, and it wasn't just for promotion. It was a reminder for them to say thanks to any pilot who made sure that they got to the ground in one piece.

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