Promo Pens for School Teachers - 2/01/2012

Promo Pens for School Teachers - Experience Stories

Posted: February 1, 2012 -

Being a school teacher is not easy at all. You need to discipline your students and find ways to keep them interested in your lectures. Sometimes, all that your students want to do is text in class, pass notes, and not even respond when you ask them something. At other times, all they want is to get the class over and done with so they can get an A.

I still love being a school teacher, and sometimes, it's because I have the most challenging task in the world: getting my students to learn. I decided that I would use an ordinary object: the pen. In this case, I used a promo pen, and it wasn't to promote the school. It was to promote learning.

I designed promotional pens that had quotes from famous writers on them. As a literature teacher, I want my students to look at what these quotes mean for them, because a lot of the words handed down to us are as magical as they are timeless. The idea of having a promo pen caught on in the faculty. The math teacher put a famous equation on his pen and gave it to his AP students so that they would always remember his class. The science teacher even had custom-made promotional pens, each with their own element of the periodic table! The students loved her, and they loved the pen!

Students will never stop using pens, so why not engage them by promoting learning? I wasn't into promotion or marketing, but I found that if you use ordinary objects, you constantly remind students that learning is a life-long process, and that knowledge is all around them. I might be a literature teacher, but I'd like to think that I've inspired my students to read and learn as well.

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