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Promotional Pens for Accounting Firms and Accountants - Experience Stories

Posted: November 15, 2011 -

As the head of the accounting department, I sometimes feel that all I deal with all day are numbers. I know that the members of my staff feel the same way, because their stress shows daily. Sometimes, they need a reminder that they are still human, and that they don't have to look at columns and crunch figures all day long.

I thought of making promotional pens for my staff, and just in time for our Christmas party. They weren't your run-of-the-mill promo pen: they actually had the names of staff members, along with a funny quote on numbers or accounting (“The great thing about the accounting department is that everybody counts” - something that drew a fair share of chuckles). This way, they knew that they were important, and that every day could be a fun day at the office.

Today, the members of my staff actually look forward to parties and getting their promo pens for the year. They even show off their pens to their friends, and I've had inquiries from other accounting departments in other offices about my way of dealing with the stress of accounting. Yes, accountants can have a sense of humor – and even the smallest good deeds for them count.

Promotional pens might not be your usual way of reaching out to your staff, but it could be a great way to let them know that you care. The pen can also promote your company: when people see that you have personalized pens, they can forget that your pen is simply for promotion. They can see that your company cares about people – and when other people see that your company cares for people, then they will care for your company, too.

If you need promotional pens that have more than just a company logo, then go to You don't have to be an accounting genius to know that lots of pens and lots of love could equal lots of promotion, too.

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