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Promotional Pens for Librarians - Experience Stories

Posted: December 30, 2011 -

With the advent of movies, video games, and even electronic books, it seems that libraries are slowly being eased out. However, many people still know that the local library could be the best place to do research, find out about their town's history, or even just sit down to read some fiction. As a librarian, I find it dismaying that many people think that libraries are just hangouts for nerds and geeks. Whether you're a professional who needs to find out about local businesses, or a child wanting a new book, you should find your way to the library.

I thought that promotional pens could be a good way to get more people to come to the library. I thought right: not only did my promo pen get a lot of attention, but it was a good way to promote our local library. I started out by putting quotes from famous authors on the pens, and invited people to read more by visiting the library. I gave away the pens at school fairs, in local contests, and in other ways that I could promote the library.

I also talked to other librarians about promotional pens, and they share my opinion: we need to get more kids to read, and sometimes, an ordinary household item like a pen can pique their interest. A quote by Mark Twain or Charles Dickens could make them curious about the books in their library, and it could bring them back to the beloved shelves.

A librarian isn't just someone who knows how to classify books. We guard the libraries and these halls of learning. Why not promote them so that people keep on coming back and reading for more years to come?

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