Ballpoint Pens Make Reliable and Affordable Promotional Gifts

Ballpoint pens are one of the most reliable and affordable writing instruments in the world. They have been used to write letters, sign contracts and forge business relationships all around the globe. Ballpoint pens were also favorite giveaways as promotional pens for many years and have remained so to this day. Ballpoint pens are very practical options as promotional giveaways and marketing tools. They make popular gifts not just for family and friends but also for businesses and organizations. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider using ballpoints as promotional pens:

They are functional.
Put simply, ballpoint pens work. This type of pen is designed to release a controlled amount of ink through a rolling ball or sphere at the tip of an internal ink chamber, hence the name.

They are customizable.
Ballpoint pens are the most popular types of pens used as logo pens. The outer shell that houses the inner chamber for the ink is made from plastic, so it can easily be made in different colors and color combinations. The outer surface can also be printed on to show a company name, brand or log. They can also come in a wide variety of designs.

They come in different sizes.
Promotional ballpoint pens are usually sold in different sizes, so it's common to find some that are sized at 0.7mm or 1.0mm in diameter. These figures actually indicate the size of the ball and is a major factor influencing the thickness of the ink that ultimately ends up on paper. A 0.7mm pen, for example, will draw a thinner line than a 1.7mm pen. The size difference makes them very useful to a variety of people with different needs -- students, businessmen, artists and illustrators and writers.

Ballpoints are durable.
The ball or sphere is made up of hard material such as steel, brass or tungsten carbide in some high-end models, making the pen longlasting. It's likely you'll only give them up once the ink runs dry.

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