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Bic is one of the most recognizable brands on the planet, with its distinctive deep yellow and black colors and its famous logo of the 'Bic Boy', the school boy in yellow with a long pen behind his back. The boy's head is made to look like a large, shiny black ball. Although Bic pens weren't the first ballpoint pens to be produced, they were one of the most successful mass-produced pens to come out after the first World War. The Bic brand takes its name from Marcel Bich who was a manufacturer of pen cases and holders in France. Bich wanted a ballpoint pen that was not only reliable but also worked well and was cheap enough to be made affordable to common people. Although Bich used another inventor's patent on the ballpoint in order to produce his own design, he did improve on the ability of the pen to write smoothly without leaking or clogging. By the early 1950s, Bich had introduced a pen that would change the standard of the ballpoint pen. From then on, Bic pens have come to be known for their reliability, simplicity of design and of course, affordability.

Promotional Bic pens remain as one of the best writing instruments to be used as promotional pens and logo pens. Not only are Bic pens associated with quality, they are known the world over as reliable writing instruments. Many baby boomers and the generations that came after them know and appreciate the brand, so it's a natural choice as a promotional giveaway. The Bic brand also has some of the most creative options in souvenir pens. From round stic pens to widebodies, from single click pens and multiple click pens, from mechanical pencils to high-end executive pens, from digital pens to brightliners, there is a line of writing tools that will match your needs.

When it comes to souvenir Bic pens, you can't go wrong with We have been the most trusted source of promotional and giveaway pens and pencils for years and are the leading provider of customized souvenir services. We have a complete line of Bic products for you to choose from, all at the most affordable and cost-efficient prices to match your every style preference and budget.nd executive pens, from digital pens to brightliners, there is a line of writing tools that will match your needs.

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