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Papermate is one of the world's most famous pen brands. Today, its pens come in dozens of styles and designs, ranging from ballpoint pens to fiber pens to ink pens. Papermate was founded by Patrick Frawley Jr., who started the Frawley Pen Company in 1949 after purchasing the ink formula prepared by a chemist who worked for a defunct pen company. The ink formula later gave way to the no-smear ink, the first one of its kind to enter the market. It was partnered with a then-revolutionary retractable ballpoint pen. Spurred by a daring marketing campaign, the new pen became a bestseller and Papermate -- the pen and the brand -- was born. It took only a few years for Papermate to begin selling hundreds of millions of pens, first penetrating the local and national market and later becoming a global brand. It is one of the most popular brands of promotional pens today not just because it is a very reliable writing instrument but also because it projects top quality. People who receive a Papermate pen will not ignore it, refuse it or throw it away. As a marketing tool, you are always assured that a Papermate pen will represent your brand and company name quite well.

If you're looking for logo pens to distribute to clients, employees,business partners and suppliers, why not consider the Papermate brand? Its solid reputation will help you create a strong branding for your company name. The brand also offers a wide range of pen design and styles. The Papermate Flair Felt Tip, for example offers smooth writing capability without fraying. There's also the Papermate eraser ballpen, a wonderful option for employees, customers and even executives. The ink dries quickly and comes with its own eraser tab at the other end. If the writer makes a mistake, he can simply use the eraser tab and make the necessary corrections in a jiffy. These and many other styles can help you

Would you like to know what other options are available from Papermate? Visit, click on the brand logo and browse through our listing. We have an extensive selection of models and styles from Papermate you can choose from to suit every preference and event.

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