Waterman Pen Sets: Elegant and Classy Gifts

When it comes to elegance, luxury and quality, the Waterman brand stands out as a cut above the rest. Waterman pen sets are some of the most beautiful and thoughtful gifts and they work wonderfully whether they are give as a personal token or as a business giveaway. If you have VIP clients you want to make an impression on, customized Waterman pen sets will be an excellent choice. They also make very tasteful gifts for business partners, company executives and top-performing employees. As a high end gift, as a reward for a job well done or as part of your business loyalty program, Waterman pen sets will be greatly appreciated. Set the bar several notches higher and have your pen sets imprinted with your company name, logo and brand or give it a more personalized touch by having your recipient's name engraved on it. That will give your gift an extra touch of class.

Waterman pen sets are usually offered as a pair -- an ink pen and a mechanical pencil, both of which are made from the same materials, such as stainless steel or lacquered steel. Stainless steel shells are either polished or matte while lacquered sets have a shiny outer shell. There are lacquered pens, however, that may feature two different textures as a design element. For your Promotional pens and logo pens you could choose the elegant Waterman Expert pen that features a lacquered barrel with 23-karat gold double rings and brushed chrome. Or you could choose the Carene, which includes 23.3k gold plated clips or silver clips. You might also choose the slimmer yet no less elegant Hemisphere, which is offered in either chrome or goldplate trims. Waterman pens are not only designed for smooth writing, they are also created to become heirlooms. The stunning lines and attention to details are no accident – they are, in fact, deliberate efforts to ensure that what you get is a thing of beauty that’s destined to become a classic.

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