Ideas For Making Pen Gifts for Anniversaries

An anniversary is not something to be taken lightly. It’s another year that has passed for your marriage, your relationship, your company, or your event, and you really should find ways to commemorate the anniversary. Making a promotional pen would be a good way for you to show others how important the anniversary is, so you should see how you can design a pen to fit your needs.

Make exclusive promotional pens

Promotional pens are great to have, especially when they come from an exclusive line of pens that no one else has. Add to the exclusivity by having your employees’ names engraved on the pen. Not only will they feel special, but they can also feel that being part of the company anniversary means more than just being part of the company: they’re part of an institution that thrives and survives from year to year.

For anniversary parties, promotional pens are great giveaways, too. Wedding anniversaries, especially big ones, don’t happen for lots of people, and a promotional pen can be a good reminder that there really is still romance alive and kicking in the world.

Put some romance, prestige, or memories into the pen

Do you have a company logo that is designed specifically to commemorate your anniversary? Are you going to change your company logo any time soon? An anniversary pen might contain your old logo, and another set of anniversary pens might have your new logo. Such pens can be great collector’s items, especially if people want to see how your company has changed over the years.

Bic pens might also be good promotional pens since they are reliable and will last for a long time. If you are celebrating an anniversary of a wedding, then a Bic pen could well represent how your relationship has lasted through the years. Logo pens can also be good but try adding some spice to them. Change their colors to reflect the company logo. You want to commemorate the company or the event, and not just have a pen.

When you should give away promo pens

You can hand the pens out to lucky customers, say at special sales events or at trade shows. You can also include it as part of your freebie package when people order anything from you. In the case of wedding anniversaries, you can simply leave pens in a mug so that guests can get them on their way out.

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