Promote With Pens At Book Signing Events

Authors may not always love book signing events because they can take up a lot of time and energy. However, fans love book signing events. Not only do they get to meet their favorite author, but they also meet their fellow fans. Book signing is a good way for people to network with fellow fans, and authors to get the word out on their work. What better way to make a book signing more fruitful than by using promotional materials, such as pens?

Have exclusive pens for the book signing event

Promotional pens are a reminder that a unique event happened at a certain time and place. For fans of an author, that unique event is a book signing, and it is one that is remembered forever. Build on this love for the author by creating promotional pens that are exclusive to the book signing event. Forget about generic pens that have nothing to do with the event at hand: if you have a description of what is going on and who was at the event to sign books, then you have the promotional pens made!

Bic pens are a good start: put the author’s name on, or put in some quotations. There are many ways to make the readers remember the author and you.

Make the readers remember the author – and you!

Logo pens are not the only way for you to get the job done. Sure, you want people to remember your company, and your logo should help them. But why hog the attention when you would most likely end up looking like the loser in front of an author’s biggest fans? Start thinking like a fan: what would you like to see on a book signing pen?

Try out some quotes from the author’s book, or maybe the title of the author’s latest book, or even an electronically printed signature of the author! This way, the fans will always remember the author and the book signing event. You can put your logo on the pen somewhere, but remember, you are not the star, the author is.

When’s the best time to give pens away?

Hand out pens to fans waiting in line for an autograph, or leave the pens for fans to take. If you have a press kit, add the pens to the kit so that even media persons will have a pen. You can also hand out special prizes to lucky fans, so wrap the pen up in a package that includes other goodies.

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