Charities: Stay Top Of Mind After An Event

Charity events are a great way for you to extend help to more people by raising money for a cause, and sometimes, simply raising awareness so that more people can find ways to raise their own money or help fix problems. Charity events can also be a good place to hand out promotional materials that people can carry around so that they always remember the cause that they contributed to, and how they should keep on paying forward.

Make pens for the charity event

Promotional pens are a good way to support your charity event. A charity event will often have performances by artists, or ways for people to participate, or a raffle of special prizes in order to get people to donate to a cause. It would be nice if you could also give them a reward of sorts to thank them for their participation. A pen might help, though small: it will not only give people something to take home at the end of the day, but will also give them a memento of an occasion where they helped out.

Logo pens can be simple, but they can also help people remember you. In fact, if you hold the event again, they might come just because they remember who you are!

Use messages to inspire

A charity event is also a good time to remind people to give to causes that they believe in. Try to make your promotional materials echo this spirit of giving. You might want to start with messages on your pens: try messages that inspire people to give to other charities without explicitly telling them to do so. You also need a message that will inspire people to give more to your charity. Try a message that thanks them for their donation – but don’t go overboard! You want to sound encouraging, not patronizing.

Bic pens will also work, and if you keep pens simple, you can draw attention to the charity itself. Try simple messages that are as short as they are inspiring. This way, you can give people reliable pens while reminding them to keep on giving.

When you should give away pens

You can hand the pens out with a media kit, or simply let people get the pens from a desk. Try not to upstage the event itself, and the charity. You want people to remember you, not think of you as someone who wants to profit from a charity event.

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