Pens As A Concert Keepsake

Concerts are every fan’s dream. The artists that they’ve been obsessed with will finally be on stage, and the fans can rock out with fellow listeners without worrying that they’re playing the music too loud. A concert is also a great promotion for the artist, as well as sponsors. If you are promoting your products at a concert, good for you! You have a large crowd in one space that can listen to your message. All you need are good promotional products. You don’t need anything big or overbearing – so why not try promotional pens?

Making great pens for a concert

Promotional pens are great for concerts, but you need to know how to design them and when to hand them out. For one, concerts aren’t exactly the place for people to use pens, and when people do get pens, they might not have any place to put them. Moreover, if you are a concert sponsor and your ad is already being played ad nauseam, you will probably tick off fans more than you will attract them to your company, products, or services.

Moreover, a good design will help you make great pens. Try for a functional but eye-catching design so that fans remember both the concert and you.

Use messages to attract fans and make them remember you

A concert is a great way to promote yourself, but you also need to remember that this is a day for fans to remember their idols. Try to steer clear of hard selling techniques that will annoy people, unless you really want to have a bad reputation as someone who just thinks about profit and nothing else.

So what should you do? Instead of settling for simple logo pens, try to commemorate the big fan event. Put the artist’s logo on the pen, and put the artist’s name. Add the concert date. Does the concert have a special title or tagline? Put it in. You want people to remember the event, and, in consequence, remember you, and not the other way around. Even simple Bic pens with a message to fans from the artist will be great!

When to give pens away

People will not be writing anything while at the concert, and if you hand pens out too early, chances are, they will lose or misplace the pens. Hand them out to people as they leave, and make sure that you have more than just pens. You want people to take away as much as possible from the concert and still remember you.

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