Tips For Being Memorable At Conventions, Through Pens

Conventions are generally considered the best and worst days for one’s career or business. It could be the highlight or the lowest point of your work, depending on the outcome. During conventions, one of your primary objectives is to increase brand recognition either for your business or the professional services you render. What better way to do that than by giving away Promotional pens?

Effective and Functional Design for Your Promotional Pen
Your promotional pens will serve their purpose better if you choose the right design for them. The right design is dependent on two important elements: the type of pen you are using and the message imprinted on them.

Choose the type of pen that will appeal well to your market. Your customers should be your topmost priority and it’s their preferences that should count the most. If your business caters to a young market, with ages ranging from 12-25, then you need something hip, modern, and stylish because appearances matter greatly to them at their age.

As for the second element, your message must be composed of two things: the name of your business as well as name, date, and venue of the convention where your promotional pens are to be distributed. Use smaller fonts if necessary, just as long as you are able to share those two important facts. This information will help give your business better name recall and if they like the pens, they’ll help in promoting through word of mouth.

Just In Case Quantities
Have as many promotional pens ready for distribution as you can. If you have taken production management classes, you would know that there are two types of production management philosophies in terms of quantity: just-in-case and just-in-time.

Just-In-Time production would only manufacture the necessary quantities and augment production only when required. Just-In-Case production, on the other hand, produces greater quantities than needed ‘in case’ of a sudden increase in demand.

If you want to ensure that every past, present, and future customer you have goes home with a promotional pen, then you’re better off sticking with the Just-In-Case production philosophy.

Start Early, Finish Last
Do you want to make a huge impression on your customers? Then be the first to give away promotional pens and be the last to leave. It will then be clear to everyone that you are not prioritizing anyone – you’re there to give away promotional pens to everyone who cares to have it!

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