Tactful Pens for Disease Awareness Events

Disease awareness events are a celebration and a tragedy in itself. It’s a happy occasion because it gives people the opportunity to bond and help each other. But it’s also a sad occasion because these events normally include individuals who suffer from the specified disease – individuals who may be already at the terminal stages of their lives and are only there to share their experiences and hopes for the future.

The Nature of Your Business
Participants of such events would pay more attention to your promotional pens if you happen to be in the right business. If your business is related to pharmaceutics in any way, that’s a definite plus. Businesses that have to do with health and wellness, food, and nutrition are also considered favorably.

If your business, however, is related to a different industry, you may have a hard time making a connection with the people there and even if you have the best-looking promotional pens to give away, they won’t be able to help market your business unless you make that all-important “connection” to your company.

A Politically Correct Message
Your promotional pens will make a more significant impact if they carry a message that will appeal not only to the people suffering from the disease but also to the loved ones who unfailingly support them.

To make sure that you don’t unknowingly step on people’s toes, consider gathering a group of people to serve as your testing subjects. Have a list of those messages ready and see which of them appeal best.

If you have funds to spare for your marketing strategy, it would be ideal to have at least three different sets of Promotional pens ready: one for patients, one for the family and friends supporting them, and the last one for those who are simply there to support the need for disease awareness.

Tips for Distributing Promotional Pens
The usual marketing strategies do not generally apply when you are dealing with a sensitive issue, which is often the case with disease awareness events. As such, you will need to train your people to employ ‘less aggressive’ approaches when marketing your business.

Firstly, they must establish rapport with the participant or guest. It is important for them to know beforehand why the person is attending an event as this would minimize chances of them saying the wrong thing to the wrong person.

Secondly, they must be extensively informed about the disease itself and aware of the need for it. If people believe that they are only there for marketing purposes, that won’t be good for your business.

In events like this, it’s truly important that you give away promotional pens not just to market your business but to promote disease awareness as well.

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