Doctor Marketing Made Easier With Pens

Promotional pens are affordable but effective marketing tools for anyone with a business or a profession to market. If you are a practicing doctor, here are seven simple ways for you to make use of promotional pens.

Choose the Right Design
You want a promotional pen that people will find comfortable to use and reliable. Rubber-covered portions of the pen will allow a firmer, no-slip grip and prevent calluses from developing. Retractable or push-button operations are also preferable, even if it means higher production costs, because users no longer have to suffer from lost caps for their pens.

Of course, the promotional pens you give away must also be a positive reflection of your professional image. If you are a pediatrician, you might get away with cute and colorful designs. If you are an OB gynecologist, you could make do with feminine designs. But if you are a surgeon or something equally ‘heavy-sounding’, you’re better off with a minimalist design.

Lastly, your promotional pens won’t be able to do any promoting if it doesn’t contain an all-important element: your name. Make sure to have your name printed on your promotional pen. If possible, include your hospital name as well or something else that would make it easier for people to contact you when needed.

The Best Recipients for Your Promotional Pens
Networking will be made easy just by giving away Promotional pens to the right people.

Celebrate Important Holidays with Your Patients
If the holidays are coming up, use this as an excuse to give away promotional patients to your doctors. Such gifts would be much welcomed and considered a thoughtful gesture in your part; it shows how much you value them not only as customers but as individuals as well.

A Thank You Gift to Suppliers
Your office has no doubt been visited by various representatives of medical companies. If you have enjoyed several benefits via your association with them, why not show your thanks by giving them several promotional pens?

Don’t Forget Your Employees
Everyone you are working with and working under you must also have some of your promotional pens. Consider them as a small thank-you gift as well for their much-valued service. Start with your secretary, driver, and the nurses who often work at your side.

Give them several pieces each because they, in turn, will give those away and that in itself will help market your profession.

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