A New Give Away For Fans Day Events

A fans day is something that all fans look forward to. Whether they are fans of a musician, a movie, a whole fandom, or a writer, fans always want to talk to fellow fans. They want to get together and celebrate their fascination with their obsessions. They want to have great activities that give importance to their support. A fan day event can take on many different forms, but one thing is sure: you should give away promo materials. Have you considered how good a promotional pen will be for your fan day event?

Make limited edition pens for the fans

Promotional pens are not just ways for you to get the word out on your product or service, or a way to make people know more about your company. Chances are, if you are sponsoring a fans day event, then the fans will already be sickened by the preponderance of sponsors instead of the person, thing, or fandom that they’re obsessed with. So go easy on the pens, and stop shoving them in people’s faces!

Instead, make your pen exclusive to the event so that fans will actually remember both the event and you. Try out messages that correspond with the fandom, or a design that will coincide with what the fans are celebrating.

Reach out to the fans with good messages and designs

Fans want to remember a good event, so reach out to them with great messages and designs. Don’t stop with handing out logo pens, especially if your company logo is already plastered all around the venue to begin with. You want to make fans by your products or avail of your services, not get turned off by how you are trying to upstage their favorite author, movie, singer, or band.

Incorporate the fandom’s logo, or several favorite quotes from the fandom. For instance, if you are dealing with a Star Wars fan day, make pens that have Storm Trooper or Darth Vader, or even Yoda heads. Even simple Bic pens that have “may the force be with you” along with your logo on the side can do the trick. Remember, you want to give fans what they want before they can give you what you want.

When to hand the pens out

Leave the pens for fans to take, but if you are in charge of a very big event, you might want to avoid stampedes. You can put the pens in big packages containing goodies for participants, or you might want to hand them out at the end of the event. If special guests arrive, hand pens out while fans wait in line for autographs.

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