The Right Way to Hand Out Pens at Hotels

Hotels are considered to be one of the most exclusive places in the world, wherever you may be. If you are determined to give away promotional pens at hotels, be sure that you do it properly or your marketing strategy might just backfire on you.

The Right Business
Your promotional pens are sure to be a big hit if your business has something to do with traveling, fashion, leisure, real estate, health and wellness, and any other product that could be considered a status symbol.

Of course, you can always try giving your business an image makeover. Even if your business has something to do with agriculture – which definitely has no substantial relation to hotels and its guests – you can still succeed in marketing your business as long as you find a fashionable way of promoting your company.

Where to Give Away Promotional Pens
The poolside area is often the most populated place in hotels and for that reason alone, they are the best place for you to distribute promotional pens. Of course, they are also areas that are easiest to access, and that’s certainly not a bad thing.

The next best place to give away promotional pens would be any of the various restaurants or boutiques located within the hotel. Of course, you may have to obtain express permission before you can proceed. Be sure to get the necessary permits; it would be a bit embarrassing if you or any of your company’s representatives would end up being escorted outside the hotel premises just for giving away those pens.

When to Give Away Promotional Pens
The best days to give away promotional pens are during the holidays and peak season for hotels. These are the days when hotels are bustling with activities day and night. You will have better chances giving away promotional pens to potential customers then.

Establish Partnerships or Joint Venture Agreements
If you have connections with the hotel management, you might want to ask permission of having your promotional pens included in the usual array of freebies they present to guests. If your request is approved, your promotional pens could be placed right next to the hotel stationery on the tables of every room and suite.

Be aware, however, that this is a very large commitment to make. You will have to provide a large quantity of promotional pens for a specified period of time. You are not offering one pen per room here but one pen per guest. Reneging on your deal would reflect very badly on your business.

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