Maximize The Opportunity Of A Job Fair

Job fairs always have a busy and highly competitive atmosphere. If you want to ensure that your network marketing company enjoys great recruitment results, here are a few tips to help you get started.

A Special Design for Your Promotional Pens
Sure, you have probably handed out hundreds of promotional pens over the years, but if you want to make a huge and lasting impression on potential affiliates you meet at the job fair, you need to create a new design for your promotional pens.

Of course, your business name must still appear on your promotional pens. But one equally important element that you must include in your design is a tagline. It must be short and catchy but at the same time immediately tells people what they can enjoy if they work with your network marketing company – something that they can’t enjoy anywhere else.

If you have your design ready, make sure the quantity of your order is greater than what you expect to give away. In any case, if you have a number of promotional pens that you weren’t able to distribute, there are other job fairs in other states to participate in.

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait
Now, network marketing companies nowadays have a rather undesirable reputation of becoming extremely aggressive. You don’t want to make the same impression on your future affiliates, do you?

As such, the best approach is not to approach them at all. You need to wait for them to come to you first. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should spend the time dawdling around. There are various ways you can catch attention without making the first move.

Start with the fliers and posters. They allow people to learn more about your company and have them wanting to know more.

Offer food and refreshments. These will have people crowding your booths in no time and surely you can work from there. Of course, some people could try grabbing a drink and leaving right away, but if you serve them one at a time, they won’t have any choice but to wait. Take advantage of the time they spend waiting by striking up a conversation with them.

Give Promotional Pens Right Away
Lastly, make it very clear to them that the promotional pens are theirs for free, no strings attached. To prove your word, give those pens away right at the start. Do not offer them while you are in the middle or at the end of your marketing pitch. Do it even before you say anything.

Do all these and people are sure to find your network marketing company worth considering.

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