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During company events, money and trips abroad are often the most highly anticipated prizes for employees and guests. But these types of rewards are few. You still need to give away consolation prizes to the majority that didn’t win. If you are looking for an affordable but still attractive and useful giveaway to serve as consolation prize, promotional pens are what you need.

Make Limited Edition Promotional Pens
You can increase the value of your Promotional pens without increasing your production costs simply by making them a ‘limited edition’ model. Creative juices flow freely so why be stingy with your ideas?

If your designs are outstanding, you might even create a whole new craze with your promotional pens. Soon, your employees might start their collection of those promotional pens and before you know it, they could be as coveted as any of the major prizes you’re offering.

Use Funny but Inspirational Messages
A great design for your promotional pens doesn’t have to be something visually arresting. It can be something just as simple as a funny but inspirational message and they could have an equally substantial impact or appeal. These messages need not be original. A quick search of the Internet is sure to give you a lot of ideas.

When to Give Away Promotional Pens
Let’s start with the obvious events. Any day that celebrates important milestones or achievements of the company is a good enough time to give away promotional pens. This includes but isn’t limited to your company’s Foundation Day, the birthday of your CEO or General Manager, or the date where you set an all-time high record for monthly sales.

Other major events that your company has a hand in organizing are also good places to distribute your promotional pens. In such events, there are two ways to distribute promotional pens. Firstly, you can put up a promotional stand to serve as your base of distribution. Your stand must, of course, complement the design of the venue and that could mean spending a considerable amount of money. Distribution is more organized this way, but you do have to wait for people to approach your booth first.

The second option is more proactive. You can delegate some of your employees to circulate and approach customers themselves. This means working one person at a time, which is a slower process, but it also allows your employees greater opportunities to make a marketing pitch.


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