Promoting Through Pens At Press Conferences

Press conferences can be difficult to organize. You need to contact the press, get everyone on the same page, make a uniform message, and still manage to create a press conference that people will remember. Press conferences should be supported by good promotional materials, so you might want to consider handing out things to make the memories more long lasting. Try Promotional pens, which your participants can always use.

Make a pen for that important press con

Promotional pens can help your press conference get promoted and be remembered. For one, people will be using a pen during the press conference, and people will still be using a pen after the press conference has ended. Make sure that your pen lasts that long, and is designed well enough so that people will not be ashamed to use it when they are out in the real world.

You can put messages on the pen, or add your company logo, but one thing is for sure: a press conference has already sold a product, service, idea, or ideology. Don’t go for the hard sell and turn your pen into an annoying marketing machine.

Use messages wisely

Bic pens might be a good deal for a press conference promotional pen. They last for a long time and are reliable. Handing them out to press persons and other people at the press conference would be good. However, go beyond the simple logo pens and try to make your pen more creative. What was the press conference about? When was it held? Where was it? Who was there? A press conference should be commemorated and should not exist as the side story to your company logo.

On the other hand, do not go overboard with your messages. You want a classy pen, not a tacky one. Go for class and you can give away a pen that reflects you, not your need to get publicity in cheap ways.

When to give the pens away

Put the pens in a media kit so that the press can have a whole kit devoted to the event. If there are guests, you can invite them to take pens from a side table. You can also hand pens out when the event is over. You don’t want a stampede, and a press conference is a busy place to be, so make sure that you hand out pens when things calm down.

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