Pens Considered Relief Goods

There are many ways for you to donate goods to a charity, and when natural disaster strikes, you will need to send more than just canned goods or old clothes. Many people all over the world benefit from relief goods, but it can also be hard to get many different products together that people can use. While it might sound counterintuitive, pens are actually considered relief goods and you could use them to help out in places that have been devastated by disasters both man-made and natural.

Using pens as relief goods

Promotional pens can actually make good relief goods. For one, many places that have been devastated by natural disasters will often not have computers running, but will need things to be written down. This will include what food is available, who are the people at a relief center, who is missing, and who has been found. Pens can help people keep track of their work even when all the electricity has gone out.

True, it might seem tacky that you are providing logo pens as relief goods, but think about it beyond the marketing aspect: you can actually help people keep their lives intact.

Use hopeful messages but don’t go overboard

A good promotional pen should reflect not only the company but your philosophy. Logo pens will work all right, but when using pens as relief goods, you might need to add something extra in order to turn the relief goods into something special. Moreover, if you send out just logo pens, you might look like you are marketing and are not really concerned about the welfare of the people that you are sending the relief goods to.

Try using hopeful messages, to comfort people and to remind them that life can go on even if they have to accept donations now. However, don’t go overboard. Anything that sounds too hopeful or overblown will also sound patronizing.

When you should send out pens as relief goods

Bic pens can be a simple way for you to extend your help to people in need. People will need a reliable pen to keep track of loved ones, rations, missing persons, and other things that are needed when dealing with relief situations. Send these pens out along with other relief goods, or through companies that are engaged in sending out relief goods.

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