Sales Representatives Should Be Armed With Pens

Your sales representatives will always need as many tools as possible in order for them to get the job done, and to make sales for you. They will need tools like promotional materials in order to get the word out on your company, products, and services. Allow your sales representatives to spread the word through promotion pens. This way, they don’t need to keep on showing off your company through just words, and they are giving more people something useful, as well as something that they always use: a pen.

Make pens for your sales reps

Making a sale is harder than it looks. For one, you will need to convince people that you actually care for their needs more than you care for your profits. You will need to go above and beyond simply selling something to selling an idea, or even an ideology. A pen could help marketing in that it will always be used and you can have your sales soaring all because your logo is also out there. Make sure, however, that you don’t just give away pens.

You can give away other materials, such as notepads and post-it notes. Promotional pens are also great to give away at big promotional gatherings, so make sure that your sales reps are able to hand them out.

Use messages to get them selling

Bic pens may be simple, but they are quite reliable, so if you give some to your sales representatives, then they can use these pens for a long time without having to run back to you for more. You can actually accentuate these simple pens by adding messages to get your sales representatives selling, as well as reminding them that they represent your company’s mission, vision, and goals. A good sales representative won’t ever forget this, but you still want to keep reminding them that they are special.

Logo pens will also work as giveaways when your sales representatives hand them out to people. This way, more people remember your company, too!

When you (and they) should hand out pens

Hand out pens to your sales representatives at company meetings. Give them advice on when to hand these pens out. You can offer them mugs to keep the pens in so that passing potential customers can get pens. They can also give pens away when they have a potential sale, or a sale that is not happening but a potential customer.

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