School Fair Memories Last With Pens

School fairs are great ways for companies to get in touch with their student market. At school fairs, students can play games, win prizes, and even find out more about things in the outside world. You can promote your company through such fairs, especially if you make school supplies or work for colleges and universities that are looking to recruit more students. One way for you to recruit more students is through promotional materials, such as pens.

Making pens exclusively for school fairs

Promotional pens are a good way to get the word out on you and your company, but you also need to design something that students will actually like. This is a difficult demographic to please, and you will have to contend with many other concerns that students might have. How can a pen help you?

For one, well-designed promotional pens are often exclusive to a certain event. A school fair is one such event, and if you design a pen that commemorates the school fair and perhaps provides information on when and where the event was, students will also most likely remember you. Sometimes, simple Bic pens with messages and cool designs will do the trick. The important thing is to have a design that students will actually appreciate well enough for them to use the pen in the first place.

Messages for students – go or no go?

The problem with making a message for students is that you are dealing with a demographic that is as wide as it is diverse. You will have people whom you can lure with a few words well chosen out of your research, but you will also have people that get turned off by what you have to say. A message for students, therefore, depends highly on what school fair you are at.

First, are your students younger or older? Are you part of a school fair that looks at careers for students or is showcasing its students’ work? There are many things to take into consideration before you print anything more than just a logo and a message.

When you should give pens away

Have a booth for your company where students can simply approach you and then get a pen. You can also hand pens out to people as they leave. This way, you can ensure that they do not throw pens away or misplace them while they are at the school fair.

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