Making Pens for Contract Signing Events

Signing a contract, whether for a new career for a big star, or for companies to merge, or for business deals – signing a contract is a big event. Commemorate the event with promotional materials. Such materials will not only remind people of the event, but will remind them about the company that they work for. Promotional pens can be a good way to mark contract signing events because people use pens often.

Make pens to commemorate the contract signing

Promotional pens are a good way to celebrate your contract signing. Signing contracts are once in a lifetime events that you shouldn’t take for granted. After all, contract signing gives birth to new corporations, new companies, and new products. These are unique events that could give birth to new promotional materials that are as unique as they are exclusive. You should be able to design a pen that will remind people about the event, and a pen that they will use so that you never forget about the contract signing.

Bic pens might be simple, but if they celebrate contract signing and no one else has experienced it, then the pen could be worth more!

Don’t go overboard on design

Logo pens can be the simplest way to get your design over with, but remember, a logo will only mean something if it’s paired with information on the contract signing itself. Try putting in the date, time, and place of the contract signing. If possible, add information on what the contract signing was about. Naturally, you should not go overboard with text in your design. On the other hand, a bare pen will mean nothing to the people who are getting pens from you to commemorate the contract signing.

Avoid being tacky. A contract signing is all about merging, and it can be about class. Try not putting in extremely bright colors unless your companies have something to do with colors to begin with.

The best time to give the pens away

Leave the pens on a side table for people to take, or if the contract signing has a press component, leave the pens in a media kit. You can also give them to people when the event is over, especially since no one needs to do any writing while the contract is being signed, unless they are members of the press and need to cover the event.

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