Why Sports Events and Pens Go Well Together

If you are holding a sports event as a way of marketing your business, consider having promotional pens as your primary giveaway. They will not only prove useful to your guests during but after the event as well. But most importantly of all, they’re going to help you promote your business effectively for the rest of their lifespan.

The Best Designs for Promotional Pens
Granted, promotional pens come in all shapes and sizes but there are certain non-negotiable elements you have to incorporate with your promotional pen if you consider the venue and type of event you are holding.

As this is a sports event, your guests are most probably in athletic gear and some of these may not have pockets for them to keep your Promotional pens in. In this case, you would do best by having promotional pens with clips or necklaces. This would keep them safe and secure even when they are participating in any of the activities.

Speaking of participation, sports activities – especially outdoor ones – require people to move about regularly and for this, you would need a push-button or retractable pen. Imagine the inconvenience you would subject your guests to if they have to waste time looking for missing caps!

Last but not the least, remember to have your business name and convention date and venue printed on your promotional pen. How else can they serve their purpose if guests don’t remember where they got their pens from?

Strategically Located Giveaway Booths
Rather than have people circulate the area as they give guests promotional pens, it’s more efficient to erect giveaway booths in strategic locations instead. Position them near heavy-traffic areas like the registration table, the spectators’ stands, and entrance and exit areas. Be sure to instruct your marketing representatives to inform guests that these promotional pens will be put into use later on.

Registration Made Easy with Promotional Pens
Thanks to your promotional pens, people no longer have to wait for their turn with the few people who had the care to bring a pen with them for registration. Now, all they have to do is get their own copy of the registration form, fill it up with their promotional pen, and they’re officially a part of the event!

Filling Up Raffle Coupons
Sports events usually offer raffles for guests, but the latter occasionally make do without them because they don’t have pens to fill up their coupons. That won’t be a problem in your event, thanks to your pens.

If you want to start and end your sports event right, get those promotional pens ready!

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