Giving Away Promotional Logo Pens to Students

Everyone will need a pen at one point, and students are probably the ones that need them the most. Whether it’s homework or an examination, or even simply signing off on insurance and school contracts, a pen will always be handy. Sure, a laptop and a tablet will work, but no one can deny how useful a pen still is. If you are promoting products and services to students, you might want to use the almighty pen to get the word out, and still have them seeing the image or logo of your company constantly.

Make pens that students will use

Promotional pens will often be boring: they have a company logo, a few colors, and they might last for a few weeks before conking out. True, logo pens are a good way to promote your company, but why not spice things up by adding amenities to the pen – amenities that students will like? They might need a highlighter, perhaps small post-its, and maybe two colors of pen.

Students will need pens that can actually work for them, and if you make a pen that is as unique as it is useful, then students will use them more often. Sometimes, simple Bic pens with attachments like highlighters will do the trick. With the pen used more often, your logo will always be exposed and you have better marketing.

Use a logo but not that big!

If you’ve ever been a student, then you should realize that massive marketing and logo displays are good only if they’re about a band, movie, or fandom that students like. Outside these designs, any logo that screams out marketing is tacky. Try making pens that are not so tacky, and instead, market your way into students’ hearts by finding out what it is that they like.

A quick search of the Internet, and perhaps even Twitter, might provide clues. What movies are kids watching? What brands are they fond of and what brands do they not like? What music do they listen to? What websites do they visit? Use all this information to get to the heart of your market, and not just the heart of your profit.

When you should give these pens away

Don’t oversell to students! Try out events that they go to instead of actively seeking them out. Try school fairs, concerts held at schools, or even a prom. This way, you can market yourself and still get those pens out.

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