Make Your Testing Center Memorable: Keep Students Coming Back

Students will always need to visit testing centers, whether they are preparing for college, or taking examinations to get into graduate school. Testing centers will never be empty as long as people want and need an education. You can start promoting your testing center by marketing even within the testing center, so start looking for promotional materials that can help you. Promotional pens are a good way to get your promotions started.

Making pens exclusively for your testing center

Promotional pens are a great way to keep your testing center stacked with materials that students actually need and use. They are also a great way for people to promote your testing center if your students are allowed to take the pens home. The key is to design the pen well enough so that it doesn’t look tacky but is still useful. Uniqueness and functionality are both key.

Bic pens are a good way to start, but make sure that you steer away from a simple pen with your logo and company name. Your testing center should be a center of excellence, so make sure that your pen conveys that. Add a highlighter, or hand out sign pens, or perhaps have a logic game in the pen, say, a maze with a ball in it.

Using great messages for the pen

Logo pens are well and good if you have a testing center that doesn’t really want to help the people that can benefit from your services. After all, testing centers are helping schools get the best students possible, so make sure that people learn this early on. A pen would be great with a logo, of course, because you want people to remember who you are. Make them remember what you can do as well. Do you pride yourself on making people pass a lot of major exams? Then that should be something that you put on your pen.

However, don’t oversell yourself. You want your merits to speak for themselves, so that you don’t have to trumpet your virtues.

When to hand the pens to customers

You can leave pens in your reception area for people to take. If you go to school fairs, you can also hand out pens for students and invite them to go to your testing center when they need to take major exams. You can also hand them out with pamphlets and brochures.

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