One Tip For Maximum Trade Show Effectiveness

Trade shows are a good way for your company to promote itself, its products, and its services. Trade shows are also expensive to participate in, so you will need to have the best tools for your company in order to get the word out without having to spend thousands of dollars on colorful fliers and brochures. Try out a pen, which you can easily distribute to people, and which they will always use. What better way to get more visibility?

Make a pen to promote you at the show

Promotional pens can be a great way to get your name out at the trade show, especially since passersby and potential customers will use your pen even while they’re at the trade show. You can put your pens in a mug and simply leave them on the trade show table for people to take, or you can hand them out along with items such as notepads or notebooks.

Make sure that your pen has your logo, but also make sure that you hand out more than logo pens. Try adding spice by say, putting inspirational messages on the pen, or adding things like highlighters or different pen colors. This way, you can have unique pens that people will actually remember you for.

Use memorable messages

A trade show is a great place to promote your company and your new products, but you are also going to be competing with everyone else at the trade show. You need a pen that looks as memorable as it is classy. After all, if you come up with an exceptionally tacky pen, you’ll still get people’s attention as the one who ruined the trade show, not as someone who is worth going back to again and again.

You can use Bic pens and put on memorable messages on them, say about your product or your company philosophy. Be careful about over-marketing your product and sounding as though you are trumpeting your own goodness and creativity as a company. Logo pens are too simple, but if you have more than just pens to hand out, they might actually work.

When’s the best time to hand the pens out?

You can leave the pens on your table, or you can hand them out to people walking buy. Make sure that you do not oversell your product or service. Remember, you want people to remember you, and not be annoyed.

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